Site maganger

We offer comprehensive services in the scope of performing the function of a  site manager. We have the required experience and qualifications for this.

By taking up the function of the site manager, after obtaining a building permit, we help in completing all the formalities related to the commencement of construction, including notification of construction and site manager to the building supervision and collection of the construction log.

The basic duties of the construction manager will include:

    • drawing up the HSE Plan

    • protocol acquisition from the Investor and adequate security of the construction site

    • maintaining construction documentation

    • providing geodetic determination of the site

    • organization of construction and management of the construction of a building in a manner consistent with the construction and execution design and construction permit, Polish standards, regulations, including technical and construction, and health and safety regulations

    • coordination of activities ensuring compliance with the safety and health protection rules during construction works

    • reporting to the investor for checking or receiving completed construction works

    • preparation of as-built documentation of a construction object

    • performing any other work agreed at the stage of signing the contract.